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Highly skilled experts with over 25 years experience specifically in pelvic health physiotherapy  


Pelvic Health – Birth Injuries – Pregnancy & Postnatal WOF


 Personalised quality care for all people, of all ages 

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Our Services

Our experienced physiotherapists can treat a wide range of conditions and we will personalise the treatment to suit you.

Women's/AFAB Health

We treat bladder and bowel problems, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain/sexual dysfunction and more.

Men's/AMAB Health

We treat bladder problems, bowel dysfunction, pelvic pain, prostate surgery, and more.

Gender Diverse Health

Why come to Pelvic Health Physiotherapy?

We know that there are hundreds of people across the Wellington region with pelvic health problems, and we are passionate about helping you.

It can be difficult to talk about these sensitive issues, but getting access to the right treatment will help improve your quality of life. The professionalism and empathy that you will receive from us will help you feel at ease.

We are a well-established practice with a good reputation. Our staff are dedicated to ongoing professional development, and regularly attend courses and conferences to further update their skills and knowledge to provide you with the best possible, evidence-based treatment.

About us

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy was established in 2005 by Liz Childs. The practice has grown substantially since then.

Liz now has a carefully chosen team of dedicated and passionate pelvic floor physiotherapists committed to providing personalised, expert treatment for their patients.  

Staff attend courses and conferences, along with regular inhouse training, to ensure they all provide consistent evidence-based treatment. You can be sure that whoever you see, you will get the same quality care.

Our Associations

We are proud members of Physiotherapy NZ, Continence NZ, WHTA, and registered with the Physiotherapy Board of NZ.

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