Do you have Easter EGGS?? – make sure they are chocolate, and NOT Jade eggs!


So… what does the evidence say?

Gadgets can do 3 things:

1.Give you more feedback through intravaginal sensors to tell you how hard you are squeezing. (Perifit, Femfit, Elvie etc)

2.Add difficulty to the exercises through weights which you have to hold inside. (Balls vaginal weights)

3.Cause a pelvic floor muscle contraction with stimulation directly to the nerves of the pelvic floor muscles. (Electrical stimulation)

But first:

  • Before you spend money on a gadget please have an assessment with a pelvic physiotherapist to check you are correctly contracting and relaxing your pelvic floor muscles!

AND think about what the purpose of the gadget is.….

  • are you using a gadget because you are frustrated with the lack of progress you are making with doing pelvic floor exercises on their own?

Talk to your pelvic physio – make sure you are doing the exercises often enough, addressing any barriers that are stopping you from doing them, and check they are challenging you enough. (Muscles need enough stimulus to get stronger, longer holds, and you should be doing them in different positions, adding more reps etc.…)

  • And lastly.. will the gadget actually increase how often and how well you do the exercises?

Most people do well doing their own pelvic floor exercises, particularly if you are being supervised by an experienced pelvic health physio.

However, if you are interested in a gadget to help you – we’re happy to support you with it!


What does the evidence say?

There are two published Cochrane reviews on the use of vaginal weights and biofeedback for urinary incontinence (any leakage from the bladder). In a nut shell, these reviews are reluctant to draw conclusions as the quality of the evidence is poor. There may be an advantage to using vaginal weights compared to no other treatment, but just doing pelvic floor exercises was shown to be just as good as using weights.

In our clinic we use biofeedback during our assessments and this is shown to be helpful for patients to learn the correct way to get the pelvic floor muscles working.

Electrical stimulation devices are another option, using an electrode inserted into the vagina to help make the pelvic floor muscles work. Research has shown it is useful when these muscles are very weak. This needs to be done under the supervision and of a pelvic health physiotherapist.

Click here and here for access to the Cochrane reviews if you’d like to look more closely at the studies.

There is no good evidence that gross electrical stimulation of the pelvic area (e.g Pelvipower chair) is more helpful than pelvic floor exercises alone.


Products to help strengthen pelvic floor muscles:


Femfit by Junofem $399

Review: NZ company, most high tech gadget out there- 8 sensors on a flat flexible silicone vaginal insert, with feedback on correct contraction (you won’t make the bird fly if you do it wrong).

12 week program loaded onto app – research based exercises and progression from lying to standing.

Online coaching by a pelvic physiotherapist as part of the purchase to check your progress.


Perifit $209

Review: Cost effective, 2 sensors, space occupying device inside vagina for feedback, can’t do the exercises standing up very easily.

No feedback given for incorrect contraction.

7 different games, some physio input into games but not customisable. You can track your progress on the app, including relaxation and strengthening.


Elvie pelvic floor trainer $290

Review: Similar to the Perifit with sensors – couldn’t find out how many. External arm for positioning may reduce comfort for some.

App with games, and modes for beginner or advanced. Not giving feedback for incorrect contraction.

Has an additional cover for customising fit to keep in place when standing up.


Vaginal weights and smart balls

There are several options including:

Review: Simple concept – trying to hold the weight inside by using your pelvic floor muscles. Can be tricky to find the right type!

Consult with your physio who can advise you, depending on your goals. The weights can progress to heavy – 345g stainless steel.

Larger balls are easier to keep in. Options include 1 or 2 balls inside the vagina, and you can progressively increase the weight used.


NOTE: your pelvic floor muscles are not designed to be clenched the whole day so only use these for your strength training!


Jade Eggs – DO NOT BUY THESE! (sorry GOOP)

There hasn’t been any scientific research on the risks or benefits associated with using jade eggs. Despite claims, using a jade egg isn’t going to restore your hormones, cure incontinence, make sex more pleasurable, or help heal someone’s trauma.


Good luck and happy Easter from all of us at Pelvic Health Physiotherapy! We hope everyone has been able to enjoy a relaxed few days – perhaps with a bit of chocolate thrown in.