Online Appointments

Online appointments work – we can still provide the same quality care and support

New patients

Research shows online consultations can be just as effective as face-to-face. We get 80 to 90% of the information we need to make our diagnosis just by listening and asking questions.

We are able to observe posture, daily activities and movement via the camera.

We have models that we can show you. We can teach you pelvic floor exercises and give advice and education so that you can start your rehabilitation and get back to doing the things you enjoy. If necessary we can advise on how to carry out a pelvic floor self-examination, and you can report back to us at the next appointment. 

All of our sessions were online during Level 3 and 4 of the COVID-19 pandemic. These went well and we are continuing to offer them to people who wouls prefer not to come in, or are unable to. 

Follow-up appointments

We have been continuing to see many of our current patients for online appointments since we went into Level 4 lockdown. We can check in with how you are going, update and progress your exercises, and keep you motivated on your path to recovery.  

At Level 2 we can do in-person appointments, however if you would prefer, we are happy to do an online one. 

Research shows online appointments can be just as effective as face to face sessions. Because a lot of what we do involves advice and education for self-management – we can easily do that via phone or video. Don’t miss out just because you can’t get to see us in person. 

How does an online appointment work?

If you are unfamiliar with how Zoom works, or have any questions, please get in touch. We are currently doing all our consultations via Zoom (this is free for you to install) and it’s working well. You can use a phone, tablet or computer. 

Once you have booked an appointment, you will receive an email confirming your time.  A few minutes before your appointment time, all you need to do is click on the link and wait to be invited into the chat by your physiotherapist. 

Zoom is easy to use, and we’ve had fantastic feedback from our patients who are already doing online sessions with us. If you are unfamiliar with how Zoom works, or have any questions, please get in touch. 

Book an online appointment below, let us know what time suits you, and we will be in touch.

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