We go to the dentist every year for a check-up to see that our teeth are kept in good shape, and don’t fall out. Have you ever thought about checking in with your pelvic health physiotherapist once a year to see that your pelvic floor is in good shape too?

We are seeing more people now who choose to book an appointment a year after they are discharged, and annually after that, so that they can come in for a quick review.

Ideally, once your pelvic floor issues are sorted with treatment, you should carry on with maintenance exercises for the rest of you life.


Everyone’s lives are busy and even with the best of intentions, some things get forgotten over time, and before we know it weeks and months have passed, with no thought to pelvic floor care.

Having an assessment once a year helps keep you motivated and on track. We can review your exercises and other self help measures, and book you back in again for the following year!

It’s a small price to pay to keep your bladder, bowel and sexual function as good as you can.