The body undergoes many changes during pregnancy. Getting a pregnancy WOF check will mean you have the right advice to help prevent problems, treat issues you may have, and help you prepare for the birth.

Five reasons to see an experienced pelvic floor physio during pregnancy:

  1. Pelvis and back care – learn how to bend, move and lift correctly, and get tips on correct posture, to help prevent back and pelvic pain. If you are already sore, a pelvic floor physio has specific skills and expertise to treat this for you.
  2. Protect your pelvic floor – we can assess your muscles to make sure they are flexible enough and able to relax correctly for the birth of your baby – to help avoid pelvic floor injury during the birth process. We also treat bladder leakage and prolapse. Over 60% of women experience wet pants during pregnancy, and others feel a sense of heaviness or bulging around the vaginal area. These problems are common, but getting the right advice from a pelvic floor physiotherapist helps with prevention or treatment.
  3. Safe exercise – some types of exercise can put your pelvic floor at risk when you are pregnant. An experienced pelvic physio will be able to give you advice on recommended exercise guidelines, and the types of exercise you can choose from. This will help protect your pelvic floor and your back.
  4. Wrist, neck and shoulder pain – pelvic physios can treat wrist pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and other muscle or joint pain.
  5. Advice for after the birth – learn how to look after yourself in the first few days and weeks after your baby is born. Learn when and how to start pelvic floor exercises again, and get advice on ways to help your perineum heal well. A pelvic floor physio will also give you tips on safe movement with daily activities to prevent back and wrist pain when caring for your baby.
    We can also check your pelvic floor and advise on what sort of exercise is appropriate, and when you can return – sometimes there needs to be modifications until you get your pelvic floor back to full strength and function.

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