Getting back into exercise after having a baby can be daunting.

There are so many changes that happen to your body after pregnancy and delivery – (be it Vaginal or Caesarean) Getting a thorough check up can help you feel empowered to get back into it!

1. Pelvic floor muscle assessment – an internal pelvic floor examination is the only way to know how well your muscles have recovered after the delivery and how much rehab they need.

We can teach you how to do the exercises with 100% confidence you are doing it right. 

2.Core muscle assessment – the whole abdominal wall is stretched and weakened by pregnancy and needs to be strengthened again. We give you the appropriate exercise level to start with. We assess if there is excessive separation of the rectus abdominal muscles – called Diastasis Rectus Abdominus or DRA, and will help you to recover from this too.

3.Postural changes and other aches and pains – with the weight of the baby now gone, the pelvis and rib cage can struggle to find alignment again. Breathing exercises, stretches and strengthening exercises help with this.

4.Balance – We understandthat getting back into exercise is hard with a new member of your family to take care of, sleep deprivation, lack of routine and all the other things on the list…. we tailor our rehabilitation to fit in with the time and energy you have available.

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Anytime is good- 6 weeks after having your baby or 6 years.